Large Animal Services: 
Along with farm visits, we also schedule in-clinic appointments.

Current procedures done in the field include:
- Routine physical exams and general health care
- Castration procedures
- Dental floating

- Internal Medicine

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Mixed Animal Practice

Services Provided

Small Animal Services:
Along with immunizations and routine health care, we are a computer equipped facility ​with the capabilities to perform: 
-Blood Chemistry
- Digital Radiology 
- Ultrasound
- Dental Procedures
- Surgical procedures
- Internal Medicine

New Horizons Veterinary House Calls

Appointment Options:                                                                         Dr. Margaret M. Reyes, DVM
Office Calls, House Calls, ​and Farm Visits                                      Dr. Richard V. Miotke, DVM

  Because of our mixed animal practice, we often go to homes for combined large and small animal services.  In addition to performing large animal farm visits, we are also equipped to examine them at our Wisconsin Dells facility.